Prime Focus Type, Carbon Open Truss Tubes structure

HTP 400mm




Prime Focus

  Mirror Dimension

400mm (16") Parabolic

Mirror Focal Length  

f/3.5 : 1400mm

f/3.0 : 1200mm

 f ratio availlable

f/3.5 (3.3 with Wynne 3")

f/3.0 (2.85 with Wynne 3")


Cellular borosilicate 33 mirror

  • Lightweight and strong structure 

  • Rapid thermal adaptation with the open structure

  • Primary cellular mirror, reducing the weight and faster thermal adaptation

  • Optional motorised focuser, controlled with our HTEC

  • 31% Central obstruction (125mm, 3in. corrector and focuser)

  • 11% effective area obstruction


 Overall Length  

1315 mm (52 3/4")


  Overall Width  

575 mm (22 1/2")


36 kg (73 lbs)


Carbon tubes and plates, aluminum

  Corrector Type

Wynne 3.0"

Corrected Image Circle



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HTN-400 Main Tube

Hercules Telescopes prime focus carbon truss tube HTP 400 HTP-400 Cellular mirror