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HDM4000 Mount (Soon)

Hercules HDM400 is the much stronger and rigid mount in it's category. 


Harmonic drives reducer have huge advantages compare to worm gears and direct drives mounts :

  • Much highier torque 300Nm rated (30kg@1meter off balance) on RA and DEC

  • Work without the need for counterweight

  • Highier payload capacity

  • No maintenance or lubrification needed

  • Much longer life cycle

  • Virtually Zero Backlash

  • Can hold 2 (or more) telescopes of differents weight without having to care about balancing

  • Can be setup in Equatorial or AltaZ  by using different pier

  • Our HDM series is all integrated, so you just have to bring the mount and connect it.

  • High resolution BLDC 3 phases Servo motors (these are big for less reduction)

  • PEC and Point XP pointing model are available for the best performances

  • High Resolution Absolute encoder on both axis available (Option)



Drive type

Harmonic Drive (RA/DEC)


Equatorial or AltaZ

(Pier optionnal)

Insrtument capacity

2 X 50kg OTAs

100KG (220lbs) total

Pointing accuracy

20 arc/seconds (Standard)

10 arc/seconds with on-axis           encoders (Option)


High Resolution 3 phases Brushless Servo Motors (Standard)

On-axis encoders (Option)

  Overall Length

300mm (12 in)


  Overall Width  

200mm (8 in)


30kg (66lbs)



Control system

Digital Sitech Controller

ASCOM compatible


Control Software

Digital SiTech + PointXP


Virtually Zero


Aluminum, Stainless steel and carbon fiber

Operating voltage

28V-9 amp power supply

  • Harmonic Drives reduction, maintenance free

  • 300 Nm torque (can hold 30kg@1meter off balance)

  • Can hold 2x 50kg telescopes, Total: 10kg (220lbs)

  • On-axis encoders for both axis (Option)

  • High resolution Brushless 3 phases Servo motors with encoders on each axis

  • Pier can be made with your specs for equatorial or azimutal position (option)

  • Completely integrated system inside the mount

  • Just need power and USB to run

  • Can support Losmandy D or PW saddle plate (2 saddles)

Price : 14 495$

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