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HTEC Commander


Hercules Telscopes Electronic Commander (HTEC)
In collaboration with Lunatico Astronomia, we developed a new command center exclusively for Hercules Telescopes.  One cable, easy to install, plug-and-play software and hardware.  Designed for remote control.
Hercules HTEC


  • Control up to three motors at the same time, focuser, rotator and/or filters wheel.  Or two focusers and one rotator, etc.

  • Automated cooling fan control

  • Independent control of any controller pin, manual or automated (depending on temperature delta), useful not only for fan control but also for dew heater bands

  • USB connection

  • Network connection (ethernet)

  • Control your HTEC from a smartphone (iPhone or Android)

  • Leave the computer (and the rest of equipment) off, and, from a remote location, turn them on

  • Check and control your observatory's roll-of roof

  • If the main observatory computer hangs, HTEC can automatically reset it - or maybe close the roof and switch everything off


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