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Hercules HS4W Rotator

Hercules Secondary mirror 4-ways rotator (HS4W), motorized or manual
Every Hercules Newtonian Telescopes is equiped of 4 mounting wholes which can be adapted to receive, at the same time, 4 diffrents opticals kits.  Is it now possible to have 4 telescopes in one : add a Barlow and a reducer corrector with their own camera system, and a visual lens.  The HS4W can rotate the secondary mirror with a high precision motor, and without having to collimate again.
Hercules HS4W Rotator


  • 270 degrees rotation

  • Motorized or manual

  • Memorizes precise positions for each 4 mounting holes  

  • Slow rotation, 15 seconds for 90 degrees movement

  • Controled by our HTEC commander when motorized

  • Jam screw to secure the position


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