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HFR4 Focuser/Rotator


The Hercules Telescopes Focuser/Rotator is a masterpiece.  
With it's sleek and perfectly cylindrical design, it can fit where space is limited or in the middle of a prime focus telescope like our HTP500.  It's Rigidity and high precision without backlash make the HF4 Focuser/Rotator a perfect choice for an high quality image train.
The linearity movement is made using precision guide rails that stay perfectly aligned even at outermost position with lot of weight. Precision spring loaded gear are used to make the rotation with high precision cross roller cylindrical bearing.

HF4 is design so that a 4 inches corrector can fit inside and save space on your image train. 
Camera adaptor can be mounted on the focuser using 105 X 1mm thread or with 6 X M4 screws.
(Adaptors can be found at

The HTEC commander is requested to use with the HFR4 (Optional).
HFR4 Focuser/Rotator


  • Extreme rigidity with 20kg capacity (44 lbs)

  • 104mm aperture (4 inches)

  • 29mm travel, 105Nanometer resolution

  • 0/360deg. rotation range, 3.87arcsec resolution per step

  • 102 nanometers resolution for focuser

  • High linear rigidity and precision with guide rails design

  • Controlled by our HTEC commander (Option)

  • 160mm exterior diameter, perfectly cylindrical

  • 99mm long, 2.9kg weight

Price : 3 600$

Technical drawing

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