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Primary cellular mirrors

Lightweight, short thermal adaptation, borosilicate 33 material.
All of our mirrors are designed, cast and fabricated in our factory.  Using a CNC to sculpt every "one use only" mold, each mirrors is cast in one piece, no fusion or bonding.  Mirrors more than 12 inches are spin-cast at f/4 to reduce stress during fabrication.  Our unique "round shape" fixation points, instead of triangular, provides a mirror with better stength, with far less distorsion.  

IMPORTANT : We don't polish mirrors.  Cellular mirrors require special polishing method, please note.

Standard mirror blanks


  • From 8 inches to 24 inches

  • Back and side machined

  • Top machined at your f/ ratio included for 13 inches and more, with supplement for 12 inches and less.


Standard sizes are usually shipped within 60 days


See our online store for availlable dimension

Custom mirror blanks

From 8 inches to 24 inches


Add 50% design fee to the standard mirrors list price, free if you order 3 or more mirrors


Custom sizes and design are usually shipped within 120 days.


Ask for a quotation by e-mail


Specials projects


Our design specialists are available to work with you on your special project, at competitive prices and lead time.


Ask for a quotation by e-mail


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